In our hotel you can expect culinary specials. Let yourself indulge of the team of our restaurant “Estragon”. Here you can get your power for a journey or in the end of it you can enjoy the rest of day in high classed and relaxed atmosphere.

Our kitchen is everyday open from 12.00 - 14.00 and from 18.00 - 22.30.



Pumpkin soup/ cheese croutons 6,00 €
Pea cream soup/ bacon/ parmesan 6,00 €
Grilled fennel/ baked goat cheese/ bacon/ onion chutney 12,00 €
Bruschetta/ Parmesan 4,00 €
Small salad 4,50 €
Filled Mushrooms/ spinach leaves/ gorgonzola 7,50 €
Pork fillet on toast/ mushrooms 9,00 €
Calfcrostini’s/ tuna-caper-cream 13,00 €
Beef-tatar / soja & sesame/ flatbread/ salad from wild herbs 16,00 €
Feta cheese with herbs/ pumpkincream / tomato-olivesalad 11,00 €
Serano bacon/ olives/ pumpkincream/ baguette 11,00 €
Tuna-caper-cream/ roasted bread 6,00 €
Tomato-pumpkin-cream/ roasted bread 6,00 €

Main dishes

Big Salad/ grilled turky breast stripes/ mushrooms 12,00€
Beef fillet stripes/ cognac cream sause/ mushrooms/ spätzle/ salad 18,50€
Schnitzel Wiener Art/ pommes frites/ salad 13,00€
King prawns/ herbrisotto/ salad 21,00€
½ duck/ red cabbage/ potato dumplings 17,00€
Pork fillet/ mushrooms with cream sauce/ spätzle/ salad 17,00€
3 grilled steaks/ herb butter/ grilled tomato/ fried potatoes 16,50€
Beef burger/ bacon/ cheese/ french fries 12,50€
Wildragout/ baked apple/ dumplings/ salad 14,00€
Calf liver/ bake dapple rings/ fried onions/ mashed potatoes 16,00€
Turkey curry/ mushrooms/ rice 15,00€
Duroc cutlet/ gongylodes/ mashed potatoes 22,00€
Rumpsteak/ herb butter/ sweet potatoe fries/ salad 23,00€
Beef fillet/ aubergines/ rosemary potatoes 27,00€
Sausages from deer and wild boar/ gongylodes/ mashed potatoes 14,00€
Pike from iberico secreto/ rosemary potatoes/ tomato-olivesalad 21,00€
Grilled seafood/ tomatoeragout/ noodles 19,50€
Entrecôte (300 gram) / baked potato with sour cream/ salad 21,00€
Arctic char fillet/ tomato-mozzarella/ Salsa Verde/ purple gnocchi 19,00€
Flanksteak/ pepper-sauce/ chioggia-beets/ rosemary potatoes 21,00€
Kachelfleisch in Senf-Marinade/ Auberginen-Gemüse/ Bratkartoffeln 14,00€
Vegetarian burger/ vegetable stripes/ french fries 12,50€
„Käsespätzle“/ grilled onions 11,00€
Feta cheese/purple gnocchi/ tomato-olivesalad 12,00€
Grilled fennel/ grilled cheese/ rosemary potatoes13,00€  
Grilled white cabbage/ sesam/ teriyaki-Sauce/ tomatorisotto 12,50€
Spaghetti „Vegetarian Bolognese“ / Parmesan 12,00€
Cauliflower in cream/ fried potatoes/ fried eggs 12,00€


Hot chocolate cake/ Vanilla icecream/ Vanilla sauce 8,00€
Vanilla icecream/ hot raspberries/ whipped cream 5,00€
Vanilla icecream/ hot chocolatesauce/ whipped cream 5,00€
Lemon sorbet/ sparkling wine 4,50€
Plum-Tiramisu 6,00€